Memorandum on the newly found Hanslick literatures

Anthony Pryer (“Re-Reading Hanslick: Musical Performance and “The Music Itself”” in: The Musical Quarterley. 2007, p. 7) shares and further elaborates my interest, as follows: “For an interesting attempt to link Hanslick’s “undemocratic” theoretical preference for autonomous music with his revulsion at the brutality of the 1848 revolutions, see: Hiroshi Yoshida, “Eduard Hanslick and the Idea of “Public” in Musical Culture: Towards a Socio-Political Context of Formalist Aesthetics”, International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music, 31/2 (December, 2001), 179-199. However, the review of Brahms’ Fourth Symphony cited above was written in 1886, and approving references to democratic experiences occur at intervals throughout his criticisms.” I absolutely agree with the author's additional opinion.
Kevin Karnes (Music, Criticism, and the Challenge of History. 2008, p. 33n) refers my 2002 article written in German. Judged by his bibliography (p. 200), the author supposedly overlooks my 2001 article, for it is not merely published in his native language, but also a more extended version on the same theme. That's regrettable, granting him to be no specialist on Hanslick.
My 2001 article has just been registered in the bibliography of the complete edition of Hanslick's writings (Eduard Hanslick: Sämtliche Schriften) edited by Dietmar Strauß, from its 5th volume (2005) onward (No digital reference on the Internet, as a matter of course!). In his editorial note (vol. 5, p. 460), furthermore, Strauß indicates: “Der Besuch eines Mozart-Konzertes wird damit zum kommunikativen Ereignis, das die Privatperson zum verstehenden Teil einer kosmopolitischen Kunst-Gesellschaft transzendirt (YOSHIDA 2001, 197).” This is perfectly welcome, because that is the very point of my article, introducing J. Habermas' argument on the modern idea of public (Öffentlichkeit) into the realm of musical culture and its criticism.
On the quotation of my 2001 article by Markus Gärtner (Eduard Hanslick versus Franz Liszt: Aspekte einer grundlegenden Kontroverse, 2005), see the past entry of this weblog (2008-09-03), whilst it's all written in Japanese. But here, on this weblog, please don't hesitate to make response and comment in English or German.